Custom Financial Planning in Clinton, NJ

Custom Financial Planning in Clinton, NJ

Since everyone has unique needs, it makes sense to get custom financial planning that is tailored to your specific goals and requirements at Generations To Come, Inc. in Clinton, NJ. Our team at our office works with you to create a comprehensive blueprint that incorporates everything from health care to long-term financial planning and estate and legacy planning. What’s more, we can help facilitate the resources to put every aspect of the plan in place. Our team’s proven methodology based on over 30 years of experience will allow for a financially secure present and financial security that lasts through generations.

What is an annuity?

An annuity is a financial instrument that an insurance company or other provider issues and backs with regular lifetime payments. It provides users with an income that is guaranteed for the duration of their lifetime. This is an especially useful instrument for those who are estate planning and want to ensure that their family members or other beneficiaries receive a regular, steady income from their estate.

Custom Financial Planning in Clinton

What other custom financial planning services do we offer?

In addition to investments, retirement planning, and estate planning, we also offer health care planning. When you are approaching retirement, you may have specific health needs that change over time. At first, you might not need more than assistance with transportation to some appointments or certain specialists. However, over time, part of retirement planning may include health care planning that is more extensive such as assisted living, home health aides, and more.

When you take the time to work out a custom financial plan, you can prepare for health concerns into retirement and more. You can also do health care planning for loved ones. Suppose you have a beneficiary with specific health needs. In that case, your estate planning can include planning how these funds will help cover their costs for healthcare or reduce taxes by putting some funds into a specific kind of financial product.

How can our office help?

From retirement planning to healthcare planning and beyond, our team is happy to offer custom financial planning services that properly serve your individual needs. Since situations can change, it is important to have a financial planning team that is ready and able to switch gears as needed. Our team is here for you through every stage of life and financial planning.

If you want to plan your financial present and future, call our office today!

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