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It’s become increasingly apparent that how you manage your wealth has a lot to do with how you live your life. Whether you’re saving for emergencies or looking ahead to retirement, a little help with your portfolio can go a long way. Generations To Come Incis here to help the people in the EWR & ABE metro areas maximize their earnings for a better future.

Going the Extra Mile

Mark Schultz is a financial advisor with firsthand experience in how to help people find the right investment strategy for them. When the opportunities are virtually limitless, sometimes it takes an expert to see how to draw the right boundaries.

He works with his clients to understand the personal relationship with risk before sketching out the next steps. Taking the time to perform these careful calculations can be the difference between comfort and anxietyparticularly when all those unexpected events rear their ugly heads.

Whether you live in Clinton or Hunterdon, New Jersey, having a trusted financial partner can be a resource truly priceless. Not everyone wants stereotypical luxuries when they’re ready to retire, but no one wants to feel as though they don’t have enough to do the things they want to do. Even fishing all day requires some money for bait!


What We Can Help You With









Effecient Tax Planning

Whether you settle up with the government every quarter or every year, your taxes can be the gateway to a stronger portfolio. It all starts with tightening up the purse strings whenever possible. If you live in New Jersey and you don’t want to leave an unnecessary tip, Generations To Come Inc. may be able to help. From account conversion to deferring, there are a number of strategies that you can use to reduce how much you give up every time you file.

How Does Efficient Tax Planning Work?

The basic goal of this financial principle is to ensure you keep every dollar possible. As you navigate through everything from Social Security to capital gains, there are multiple ways to preserve your assets. The trouble is that these opportunities are often hidden, and only visible when you’ve studied the tax code in detail. Luckily, the right financial advisor can be exactly what you need to get a better handle on the situation.

Mark Schultz is here to help the people of Clinton, Hunterdon, and the greater EWR & ABE metro areas get the guidance they need to come out ahead. For tax treatments to be effective, the approach needs to factor in how different accounts are serving your long-term goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, though. Every move you make will depend on the investment strategies you’ve chosen. For example, some people might be better off choosing a ROTH over a traditional IRA. Others may defer their taxes for a while using a 1031 exchange or lower their income bracket by making a donation to their favorite charity.

The more efficient kind of tax planning starts with understanding how the code works at the local, state, and federal level. Generations To Come is here to help people use the regulations to their advantage and allocate money the way they see fit. This is not about foregoing your fair share, only giving yourself more options when it comes to how you spend your hard-earned money.

Wealth Management

Wealth is a general term that can mean different things to different people. The same is true for wealth management. For one person, it might mean investing in high-yield stocks and flipping rental properties. For others, it might mean clipping coupons or contributing money every month to a retirement account. Because management is so flexible, it helps to have a financial expert by your side to help you understand how one proverbial domino affects another.

Generations To Come Inc. owns the experience and expertise to help clients in the EWR & ABE metro areas get more from their money, regardless of where they start and where they want to end up. The right financial advisor analyzes all of your accounts to understand the real impact on your portfolio. If one (or more) isn’t pulling its weight, it’s the advisor’s job to show you a better strategy.

Asset Wealth Management Companies

If you live in Clinton or Hunterdon, New Jersey, Mark Schultz is here to help maximize every opportunity available to you. This is more than scrimping year after year until the big payoff. Real management helps you plan for the future without forcing you to sacrifice the present.

Much of a financial advisor’s job comes down to balancing clients’ relationships with risk. Wealth investment sometimes means taking chances, and not everyone is comfortable when they think of what they could lose. Mark helps you see how you can get your bottom line to rise without introducing undue anxiety into the equation.

Asset and wealth management are the key to planning ahead for all the unexpected events in life. Having enough to fall back on puts you in the driver’s seat, regardless of whether something happens to you or your loved ones. Plenty of people will picture themselves living modest lives after they retire only to find that they still want to help their descendants fulfill their dreams, too. Generations To Come is here to give you the asset advice you need for whatever happens to be coming your way.

Retirement Income Planning

How much to retire?” is a question that Generations To Come Inc. commonly receives, one that requires more than the stock answer of $1 million in savings. Because everyone’s goals will have a different flavor to them, it helps to have the right people by your side to help you plan. Teaming up with a qualified financial advisor can be the key to turning your plans into reality.

Retirement Planning

Retirement income planning in the EWR & ABE metro areas is based on what you want to do and how you expect to spend your money. Some people will choose a modest lifestyle where they live primarily off the land they buy. Others will crave luxury, enjoying their Golden Years without ever having to worry about how much they’re spending. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on in Clinton or Hunterdon, Mark Schultz can help you achieve your goals.

This strategy is not just about setting money aside every month. Real retirement planning means finding accounts and investment strategies that maximize not just your savings, but your secured monthly income. The latter source of funds may come from programs like Social Security or from stable assets that you set up long before retirement age (e.g., monthly income from a long-term rental).

If you’re wondering how to plan your retirement income in New Jersey, the ultimate goal is to replace your current paycheck for as little disruption to your life as possible. Yet, the answer to “how much do I need to retire?” won’t be the same as your co-worker’s or friend’s, so it helps to have plans that account for your personal needs.

Generations To Come helps people plan for both the expected and the unexpected. When you diversify your secured income, rather than just rely on the standard retirement accounts, the results are undeniable. Mark is here to help clients keep their eye on the prize as they build a portfolio that will cushion them when they’re ready to relax.

Long-Term Care

Serious or chronic illness could make anyone pause when they’re picturing their retirement. Regardless of your family history and personal health, there’s always the chance that you’ll need advanced care to recover. These expenses can mount quickly, eroding all the savings you’ve built up along the way.

Long-Term Care (LTC) is a type of insurance policy designed to address these very concerns. If you live in the EWR & ABE metro areas, you should know how this investment strategy may be able help your portfolio and your health.

LTC Policies and Your Portfolio

Generations to Come Inc. is a financial firm that helps the people of Clinton and Hunterdon find the right strategies for their retirement plans. When a person without an LTC policy can easily end up spending six times more than someone with a policy, the incentives of this specialty insurance need to be evaluated.

The benefits of LTC extend past that of standard medical care. It can help you cover all of your expenses both during treatment and recovery. Considering it’s often the indirect costs of injury and illness that end up being so crippling, this is where LTC insurance can be so valuable to the policy holder. Plus, if you never file a claim, your estate will still get the tax-free value of the policy.

If you live in New Jersey, LTC can be a policy that can give you peace of mind regardless of what happens. If you do develop a long-term illness, you’ll have the policy to fall back on. If you don’t, you’ll be able to pass down the value to your loved ones. However, LTC isn’t for everyone, and even if it is for you, it can be a complex process to choose the right plan.

Because LTC will affect your portfolio, a financial advisor can help you put all the pieces together. Mark Schultz is here to show you how different policies are structured and how they can take your assets to the next level.


Investing in Clinton or Hunterdon will vary drastically from person to person. Some people will invest in traditional assets, like stocks or real estate. Others might go their own way and try their hand at anything from trading cards to NFTs. How an individual invests has a lot to do with their preferences and skills. At Generations to Come Inc., the goal is to work with clients to maximize their holdings with whatever strategies best fit their portfolios.

Investment Advice You Can Trust

When it comes to your investments, there’s a lot to be said for diversity. Stretching your money into different ventures means you’re more protected if one of them happens to fall through. However, the right financial advisor knows that there are dangers with diversification, too.

Maintaining a balance is more than just dividing your money equally. For some people, it might make sense to invest the majority of their wealth in one particular industry. For other people, they might want to take serious risks with their money when they’re still young enough to earn it back. No matter which category you fall into, a straightforward portfolio has a clear theme: one that factors in the retirement scenario of your dreams.

Mark Schultz is a financial expert who will help you find the best route, so you can maximize your returns. Those in the EWR & ABE metro areas have come to count on his advice on how to navigate the complex web of potential opportunities out there.

You already know that you can’t rely on Social Security. What you need is real retirement products that spark secure monthly income as a way to augment any other savings or collateral you may have. Throughout your investment journey in New Jersey, Mark and his staff also evaluate your personal relationship with risk and how it will affect your life. While there is no separating all risk out from investment strategies, there are ways to minimize it so that you’re comfortable with what you’re spending.

Assets Under Management

When it comes to amassing assets, the truth is that they can balloon in number pretty quickly. Countless people in the EWR & ABE metro areas have accounts open that they likely haven’t thought about for years. While this is a common phenomenon, the truth is that it can hurt your portfolio if you’re not careful. Assets under management is a financial principle that ensures all your holdings are tracked and monitored regularly, so you never miss an opportunity.

Generations to Come Inc. helps clients understand more about how they can use the market dips and spikes to their advantage. The right financial advisor fills in the gaps when it comes to management, so you have what you need when it comes time to retire. Money managers (or sub-advisors) focus on the big picture and evaluate both the face value and potential earnings of each holding.

Assets Under Management Services

If you’re in Clinton or Hunterdon, assets under management strategies will depend on everything from your age to your comfort level with risk. Similar to general investment, how you manage each asset is based on your preferences. You might favor liquidity, giving you the freedom to go in any number of directions. Or you might be perfectly fine holding long-term assets, such as real estate, for an indefinite number of years.

Mark Schultz is a financial advisor that helps people in New Jersey identify any threats that may damage their assets. He also alerts clients to major shifts in the market, making it possible for them to avoid anything from unnecessary fees to outdated strategies. Before you start to fine tune your own approach, you need to know how you want your assets to perform, how long you want to hold them, and when you’ll be ready to fully cash them in. If you’re ready to be more proactive, there’s never been a better time to use this concept to your advantage. This is a great way to streamline investments and maximize returns.